La Pire Espèce’s

Short Forms

All audiences from 12 years old

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Since 2011, La Pire Espèce and its collaborators develop various short forms of object theatre that are presented either individually, “à la carte” or one after the other in a cabaret format.

Dolls, Sizes et hierarchy

Created in 2011.
Object theatre short form.
Running time : 9 min – 1 performeur
All audiences from 14 years old.

A child questions the hierarchical order of its large family and its own rank in it. How does size influence each role? In this short presentation, a Russian doll is at the same time child, family, path to be taken and obstacle to be overtaken. The story takes shape as the images are created by the arrangement of the Russian dolls.

The Continuing Story of Jimmy Jones and his Heavenly Truck

Created in 2016.
Object theatre short form.
Running time : 15 min – 2 performers
All audiences from 12 years old.

In a mythical America, Jimmy Jones reveals the stories and disappointments of his father in the middle of cornfields and legends.


Created in 2016.
Object theatre short form for one performer.
Running time : 7 min – 1 performer
All audiences from 12 years old.

A house gets built, demolished and transformed – a metaphor for the toll alcohol abuse takes on a family, and the illusion of the American dream.


Contes Zen du potager

Created in 2018.
Short form for 2 performers.
Running time: 15 min – 2 performers
All audiences from 12 years old.

In Contes zen du potager, the heroes are monks or samurai warriors. Each one’s body is a vegetable or a fruit that reveals its personality. The puppeteers’ moves are as steady and minimalist as a calligrapher’s stroke or a Japanese cook’s slice, as ritualistic as the art of serving tea, and as amusing and inventive as the art of the object allows!

Le rêve de Stevenson

Created in 2018.
Object theatre short form for one performer.
Running time: 7 min – 1 performer
Object theatre short form for one performer.

The relationship between a father and son degenerates to an all-time low, with some hellish consequences. In this short form based on a Robert Louis Stevenson dream, fantasy and reality become intertwined.

” Sometimes, the simplest performances in terms of technology and human intervention are the most moving. I was blown away by the talent of Théâtre de la Pire Espèce’s Francis Monty and Alexandre Leroux. This Québec-based company manages to create an entire world and take the audience on a journey through a real story using next to nothing (children’s toy cars, cotton fabric, Russian nesting dolls or a little wooden house, etc.).”
Cristina Marino, L’arbre aux contes, blog Le Monde

Belltable, Limerick, Ireland
Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day 2018, Aki Studio, Toronto, Canada 

Cabaret de courtes formes, Festival Momix, Kingersheim, France 
Cabaret tous courts, OUF! Festival, Montréal, Québec 
Festival Orbis Pictus, Reims, France
Festival Marmaille, Rennes, France

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