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Bring a Pire Espèce show to your school.

Ubu on the table

Actors and object theatre
14 years + 
Study guide (pdf in French)

Carbon Copy Kid

Actors and object theatre
12 years + 
Study guide (pdf)

Technical riders and other information available upon request.

You would like to take your students to see one of these plays at a theatre near you? Go to La Pire Espèce on Tour



For more information, 
contact our cultural mediation activities coordinator:  
514 844-1811 ext. 455


Request a La Pire Espèce toolkit!

Everything you always wanted to know (or at least that can be put in writing) about La Pire Espèce’s approach to object theatre can be found in this unique tool! It includes a teaching booklet as well as a DVD (or USB drive) with video excerpts of our shows. It will become your own personal assistant as you prepare your students for a performance or when you introduce them to some of the secrets behind this type of theatre.

DVD content is also available on a USB drive.
Price: $200 + taxes
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La culture à l’école (Culture at school) funding program

Our organization is listed among the cultural educational resources recognized by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications). The Culture à l’école program offers funding for artistic projects organized as part of school activities. We would be more than happy to help you with your application for funding.

For more information on the program