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All audiences from 15 years-old


The object in theatre: more than a mere prop! Just like anatomical theatres – a triumph of modern medicine – cabarets get right to the object’s core, grabbing it and dissecting it so that curious spectators can discover its infinite evocative power. Cabarets expand the world of possibilities. And we need this, because in today’s world, far too little is known about object theatre’s full potential!

Olivier Ducas and Francis Monty are trying their hand at science and have invited other artists from here and abroad to join the experiment. Using the short form as their research laboratory, they will present their findings at these cabarets.

Each cabaret will be based on a bold scientific hypothesis that we call the “spark plug”.

Théâtre Aux ÉcuriesMay 21-25, 2019

The amazing new opus you have all been waiting for is at our doorstep! For those of you who are not already familiar with the format, the Anatomies de l’objet are cabarets hosted (with great virtuosity) by the formidable Marcus and Mr. Poulpe, astute popular scientists and members of the Object Academy. With four previous Anatomical Cabarets under their belt, they have mastered the art of intellectual juggling, and can resolve complex mathematical and philosophical operations with their bare hands, including summarizing, providing dazzling demonstrations and covering up evidence.

These cabarets present an elegant and delectable selection of short forms. They are freshly made and easily digested, even by the most sensitive stomachs and, of course, allergen free. Yet, despite the light format and tone, they are nonetheless very serious. Behind the scenes are several years of intensive research. And do we just serve a simple broth? Absolutely not! We will treat you to a concentrated version, a rich stock, the cooking liquids, and the final reduction!

To celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, all the cabaret acts have been created by the Pire Espèce team and its regular collaborators! They take stock of the situation and let the audience know where things really stand!

Théâtre Aux Écuries, March 6-8, 2012

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about the object? How many words is it worth? Which one (the word or the object) will score a knockout? La Pire Espèce and its faithful sidekicks wanted to find out so they decided to host this no-holds-barred match pitting the object against the word!

Referees: Mathieu Gosselin and Alexandre Leroux-Gendron
Olivier Ducas, Francis Monty, Marcelle Hudon, Christine Plouffe, Véronique Poirier, Lesly Velasquez and Marco Rojas from Universidad Veracruzana’s Compañia Titular de Teatro
Nicolas Letarte and Mathieu Doyon
Scenographer: Julie Vallée-Léger
Technical director: Clémence Doray
Assistant technical director: 
Camille Robillard
Lighting director: 
Régis Guyonnet

Théâtre du Neihan, December 32, 2011, Absurdistan

Something that is unforeseen can often take us somewhere we didn’t expect to go. In this case, our experts were taken all the way to Absurdistan to explore nothing less than the invisible object. A mind-boggling challenge!

Our team of artist-researchers set out for an inexistent cabaret with a unwritten script, an absent audience and objects which had disappeared. Imagine the scene (even if you won’t actually be able to see it)!

But not to worry. The Pire Espèce team wasn’t twiddling its thumbs on December 32, 2011. Oh no—our two emissaries, Francis Monty and Olivier Ducas, seized this timeless opportunity at the théâtre du Neihan to come up with a few object-lesson videos that will soon be released.

To be continued!

Espace Libre, June 10-11, 2011

Who has never heard the ocean in a seashell?

In object theatre, a tiny stone can be the key that opens the door to other dimensions such as Lilliput or Mount Olympus. The object operates like a super-concentrated version of Alice’s potion, enabling spectators to travel to the stars or go on an introspective journey. It is the vehicle through which imagination can travel to new dimensions (the famous fourth, fifth and all the others).

After an initial study of the inanimate object, La Pire Espèce gathers objectology specialists for a second exploration of “siz-mic” proportions.

Popular scientists: Mathieu Gosselin and Alexandre Leroux-Gendron
Artist-researchers: Olivier Ducas, Francis Monty, Marcelle Hudon, Justin Laramée, Philippe Racine, Catherine Vidal, Sylvie Gosselin and Étienne Blanchette
Musicians : Nicolas Letarte
Scenographer : Julie Vallée-Léger
Technical director : Clémence Doray
Lighting director and stage manager :
Régis Guyonnet

Festival les trois jours de Casteliers, March 2-3, 2011

The creative spark plug of treatise #1 reads like this: can object theatre be performed without manipulating objects?

Ten world-renowned artist-researchers present the results of their in-depth research on this topic. Théâtre de la Pire Espèce, Bob Théâtre (France), Turak Théâtre (France), Théâtre du Sous-marin jaune (Québec) and several other enlightened artists go behind the scenes to discover and expound on the most astounding theories. And the audience will even be able to follow, thanks to the great wit and communicative prowess of our two distinguished masters of ceremonies.

Popular scientists: Mathieu Gosselin, Alexandre Leroux-Gendron
Artist-researchers: Olivier Ducas, Francis Monty, Denis Athimon, Michel Laubu, Antoine Laprise, Jacques Laroche, Mickaël Gouin, Marilyn Castonguay, Mathieu Doyon
Musicians: Mathieu Doyon, Nicolas Letarte
Scenographer: Julie Vallée-Léger
Lighting director: Régis Guyonnet
Stage manager: Clémence Doray

« Un spectacle éclectique et surprenant!»
Cassandre Chatonnier, pieuvre.ca, 2012

« Un véritable happening du théâtre d’objets et de manipulation. […] Ce cabaret s’avère être le plus complet et le plus homogène des trois que nous ayons eu la chance de voir à Montréal. Une mise en scène plus élaborée, des transitions efficaces, une uniformisation du propos pour chaque numéro présenté, cet Anatomie de l’objet conclut la série d’une excellente manière.»
David Lefebvre, montheatre.qc.ca, 2012

« Deuxième donc d’une série de quatre, ce cabaret anatomique explore davantage le théâtre d’objet et est beaucoup plus abouti que le premier. Il expose, avec folie et imagination, le talent indéniable des créateurs d’ici dans ce domaine si particulier du quatrième art. Une savoureuse fin de soirée, dans un espace… libre.  »
David Lefebvre, montheatre.qc.ca, 2011

« Même si les animateurs affirment avec aplomb « qu’ici, nous sommes sérieux », le rire est définitivement au rendez-vous, grâce à une mise en scène comique et étonnamment efficace. […] Cette première soirée de L’anatomie de l’objet est d’une grande richesse,[…] le tout est une superbe initiation au théâtre de manipulation.  »
David Lefebvre, Montheatre.qc.ca, 2011

Design Nathalie Bonenfant



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