Carbon Copy Kid

A dark and dirty tale

All audiences from 12 years-old

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This work echoes an earlier play, Leon le nul, co-produced in 2005 with Théâtre Bouches Décousues and the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. Terryy, Leon’s brother, is the main character in this new story and his take on the meaning of family is quite different. Whereas Léon tried to free himself from his mother’s apron strings, Terryy, a little carbon copy boy with a dark and dirty history, wants to get rid of his father, a man-cow with a slow and awkward gait who is afraid of everything and doesn’t do much. A useless father.

The Mythical Family
The story explores the mythical Quebecois family. Terryy cannot (or does not want to) describe his family’s origins rationally. His idiosyncratic family is larger-than-life:  How else could his mother have given birth to 57 children without any divine intervention? And such ugly children to boot! Such idiots! How did he end up being the only rational one? This must be a sign from the gods. But above all, he is fed up with his vacuous, half-bovine father and seeks some explanation for such cruel and inhumane punishment. Maybe his father was turned into a cow in order to pay for a sin committed / a mistake made by someone in his family… Terryy desperately needs to understand. He needs to figure out the all-powerful reason behind this life sentence he has been given in order to make sense of it all. Even if he has to invent the whole story to explain his family’s woes.


A Théâtre de la Pire Espèce, Méli’Môme Festival (France) and Petits et Grands Festival (France) co-production, in collaboration with Bouffou Théâtre à la coque (France).

Written and directed by Francis Monty
Performed by Francis Monty or Étienne Blanchette
Original music Mathieu Doyon
Stage management:
Jonathan Cusson
Assistant stage director Manon Claveau
Scenography Julie Vallée-Léger
Illustrations Francis Monty and Julie Vallée-Léger
Artistic collaboration Étienne Blanchette
Lighting consultant Thomas Godefroid
Technical direction, production and stage management Clémence Doray

– Cochon d’or for the best production (Gala des Cochons d’or de Carte Prem1ères 2014)
– Cochon dramatique for the best text(Gala des Cochons d’or de Carte Prem1ères 2014)
– Cochon tapageur for the best sound design (Gala des Cochons d’or de Carte Prem1ères 2014)
– Cochon plastique for the best scenography, shared with the show Villes (Gala des Cochons d’or de Carte Prem1ères 2014)

We are delighted to witness this unbridled story come together before our very eyes with the help of a few pieces of torn paper, and through the actor-storyteller’s ingenious and nimble manipulation that commands our admiration. This Carbon Copy Boy will definitely leave its mark wherever it goes…”
Michelle Channonat, Reveujeu.org

“The 12th Coups de théatre festival’s Coup de cœur
Michel Bélair, Le Piccolo

“A Black Pearl combining audacity and ingenuity… […] We’ll come back for more.”
Michel Bélair, Le Devoir

Intelligent, poetic.”
Cynthia Boucher, Blogue La Vitrine

A stunning solo performance by Francis Monty who has penned a flawless and often hilarious tale, accompanied by musical sound effects by Mathieu Doyon. […] Laughter bursts are unrestrained, the paper’s fragility is captivating and the alternate emotions of vulnerability and empathy are engrossing. Charming and hilarious.”
Brigitte Manolo, DFDanse.com

“Once again, Francis Monty has demonstrated his incredible storytelling talent and his knowledge of the objects he manipulates. […] Captivated by the story emerging from the paper, we allow ourselves to be surprised by the inventions conjured up by Monty and his musical team mate Mathieu Doyon.”
Daphné Bathalon, Montheatre.qc.ca

Fifth grade students’ (12 to 13 years) comments following a public reading at the Festival M’auteurs in Reims, France

“I loved it! It was fun and I had never seen this type of show. I would love to see it again.”

“I really liked this show because it is about the hate we can feel all our lives for our parents. Francis Monty explained this period while making us laugh and in a totally different way than in other shows. I would love to see this show once it’s finished. For many of us, this was our first experience with a work in progress.”

“What I really liked in this show was the wordplay (on cows), the teasing and the everyday language. […] I found it original, especially the depiction of characters and the use of objects that have two functions within the story.”

– Théâtre Aux Mains Nues (Paris, France)
– Little Angel Theatre (Londres, United-Kingdom​)
– Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal, (Montreal, Quebec)

– Maison de la culture Marie Uguay (Montreal, Quebec)
– Festival Transfrontalier Conte & Compagnie (Belfort, France et Delémont, Switzerland)

– Festival Momix (Kingersheim, France)
– Salle du Scaouët (Baud, France)
– Salle de diffusion Parc-Extension (Montreal, Quebec)
– Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, (Montreal, Quebec)
– Festival de Teatro de La Haban (Havana, Cuba)
– Festin de Los Munecos (Guadalajara, Mexico)
– La Capilla, Sala Novo (Mexico, Mexico)

– Festival de Casteliers (Montreal, Quebec)
– Centre culturel de Canteleu (France)
– L’Archipel (Granville, France)
– Bouffou Théâtre à la Coque (Hennebont, France)
– Festival Marionnettissimo, (Tournefeuille, France)
– Festival du Chaînon Manquant (Laval, France)
– Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montreal, Quebec)

– Les 7 Collines, scène conventionnée (Tulles, France)
– Côté Scène (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
– Festival des souris, des hommes, Espace culturel Treulon (Bruges, France)
– Oh ! Festival (Monthey, Switzerland)
– Festival du Chaînon Manquant (Hennebont, France)
– Festival Marionnettissimo (Tournefeuille, France)
– Espace Bonnefoy (Toulouse, France)
– Festival Petites Formes Mouvantes et Émouvantes (Meung-sur-Loire, France)
– Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montreal, Quebec)

– Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montreal, Quebec)
– Festival Ribambelle, Théâtre du Champs Exquis (Blainville-sur-Orne, France)
– Festival Méliscènes (Aurey, France)
– L’Hippodrome, Scène nationale de Douai (France)
– Centre National des Arts (Ottawa, Ontario)
– 15e Semaine internationale de la marionnette en pays neuchâtelois (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
– Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montreal, Quebec)

– Rencontres Théâtre ados (Laval, Quebec)
– Festival Petits et Grands (Nantes, France)
– Festival Méli’Môme, La Comédie de Reims (Reims, France)
– Festival Les Coups de Théâtre, Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montreal, Quebec)
– Théâtre Lillico, Festival Marmailles, (Rennes, France)

Graphic design Laurent Pinabel


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