la vérité du vainqueur

All audiences from 10 years-old

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In the beginning, there was a book: The Song of Roland, an epic poem written in old French with a hero whose name comes from the distant past. And what a hero! A true knight, not the kind who slays dragons and rescues princesses, but the kind who does his duty: going to war.

Roland (la vérité du vainqueur) is the tale of a man who becomes a legend; the tale of a holy war between Christians and Muslims (an ancient story still unresolved); and the tale of a fascinating, captivating, horrendous book. A book that will change the course of History…

A duo duel between storytellers, armed with puppets.

Author and director: Olivier Ducas
Performers (first run): Daniel Desparois and Geoffrey Gaquère
Performers (on tour): Étienne Blanchette and Daniel Desparois (alternating with Alexandre Leroux)
Assistant director: Claudia Couture
Scenography: Julie Vallée-Léger et Déline Pétrone
Sound design:  Benoît Durand-Jodoin
Lighting design: Thomas Godefroid
Production and lighting director: Julie Brosseau-Doré
Sound: Amélie-Claude Riopel

– Accès culture prize awarded by the bourse RIDEAU (2009)

– Nominated in the “Best show for young audiences” category by the Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre.

“The deeply moving story of Roland is irresistibly told using objects, of course — paper-cut silhouettes, a clothes line, a metal pail, amazing helmets made out of cardboard, rolls of images scrolling before our eyes — but also using projectors and by playing with shadows, striking in their grotesqueness.”
(Le Devoir / May 2008)

“The journey is captivating and irresistibly funny. The music is as epic as it should be. A compelling reinterpretation of this story.”
(Voir Montréal / May 2008)

“Over the past few years, the founders of Théâtre de la Pire Espèce have laid the groundwork for a truly creative method. By exploring all aspects of a performance simultaneously and refusing to focus primarily on the text, they achieve an incredible balancing act that combines diverse disciplines and incorporates a wide range of styles and tone.” 
(Revue Esse No. 54 / 2005)

Le Grand T, scène conventionnée (Nantes, France)
Le Grand lieu (La Chevrolière, France)
Le Préambule (Ligné, France)
Théâtre de Verre (Châteaubriant, France)
Centre culture Athanor (Guérande, France)
Carré d’argent (Pontchâteau, France)
La Comète, scène nationale (Châlons-en-Champagne, France)

Espace culturel de la plaine de Millet / Cinéma Vertigo (Graulhet, France)
Espace Yves Roques (Decazeville, France)
Pôle Culture et Patrimoine (Fumel, France)
Centre culturel (Ramonville, France)
Espace des Augustins (Montaubon, France)
Odyssud (Toulouse, France)
Festival Géo-Condé (France)

Festival Momix (Kingersheim, France)
Théâtre de Mazade (Aubenas, France)
Centre Simone Signoret (Canéjan, France)
ACB, scène nationale (Bar-le-Duc, France)
Relais culturel régional (Thann, France)
Espace Grun (Cernay, France)
Espace Ried Brun (Muntzenheim, France)
Théâtre Guy-Sabatier de la Maison des Arts et Loisirs (Laon, France)
Théâtre Na Loa (Pennautier, France)

Théâtre des 3 ponts (Castelnaudary, France)
Espace Cathare (Quillan, France)

Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montréal)
Festival Salles Mômes (Hennebont, France)
Festival théâtral du Val d’Oise (région parisienne, France)
Festival Marionettissimo (Tournefeuille, France)

Rencontre Théâtre Ados (Laval)
Festival À pas contés (Dijon, France)
Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières (France)
Festival Les Francophonies de Limoges (France)
Tournée au Québec

Festival Méli’Môme (Reims, France)
Centre National des Arts (Ottawa)
Tournée des Maisons de la culture du Québec et dans d’autres lieux du Québec

Festival du monde arabe (Montréal)
Tournée au Québec

Salle Jean-Claude-Germain du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui – CRÉATION (Montréal)
Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal (Montréal)
Illustration Patrick Lamoureux


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